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Best chicken pakora brick lane.

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Best chicken pakora brick lane

The best Indian restaurant brick lane London has another exotic Indian dish best chicken pakora Brick lane. The non-vegetarian part of the award-winning menu offers the best chicken tikka pakora. Its best tikka marinade consists of tikka masala yogurt and other tikka spices, chicken then baked in the oven and after baking, it is fried in a gram flour pastry and a very crispy version of golden brown chicken comes out known as best chicken pakora Brick lane.

History of chicken pakora:

Chicken tikka pakora was also the invention of Kundan Lal Gujral during the 1930s. Kundan Lal was the inventor of tandoori tikka. He introduced chicken pakora in his restaurant as a fried snack. He marinated the tandoori chicken with spices and then fried it.

Pakoras are actually famous for their vegetarian version all over India. they are a good appetizer or a tea-time snack. Mint chutney and tamarind sauce are the best combos of all vegetarian and chicken pakoras.

Combos of best chicken tikka pakora:

The award-winning menu has a variety of the best vegan curries which can complete a lunch or dinner menu. City spice the best Indian restaurant London serves a variety of best Indian sauces with it starters. These snacks are mouthwatering and colorful.

Tamarind sauce:

This is not possible that the best curry house brick lane does not have the option of tamarind sauce. The rich color and delicious taste of the best tamarind sauce are unbeatable and the wholesome combination to the best chicken pakora Brick lane.

Cheese Nan:

The best cheese Nan offered by best Indian restaurant brick lane goes very well with the best chicken tikka pakora.

Aloo chat:

The tasty aloo chat from the vegetarian choice of the award-winning Indian menu of best curry house Brick lane can be the great compliment of the best chicken tikka pakora Brick lane.

Vegetable pilau rice:

If no Nan or bread, then Indian vegetable pilaf rice of the best Indian curry house brick lane is a good choice to compliment.

The best curry house brick lane has no shortage of mouthwatering and flavorful dishes and has so many side dishes to complement each main course.