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The best gobhi bhaji brick lane.

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The best gobhi bhaji brick lane

The best Gobhi bhaji brick lane is another variety for the vegan lovers. The best Indian restaurant London is trying hard to fulfil the vegan cravings of its customers. The best Indian curry house have an extensive vegan menu which can never go wrong for the vegans at least. The owner himself tried and tested many recipes and according to him,” it took him almost two weeks to decide the best vegan Indian dishes to put on the menu.

So, the best Gobi bhaji brick lane is surely a good and healthy treat. It can be a main course or side dish. the blend of mild spices by the expert chefs of the best curry house brick lane always show their magic of taste. The authentic recipe contains fresh and healthy cauliflower which turns out an aromatic best Indian vegan curry.

history of Gobi bhaji:

Gobi (cauliflower) is a famous Indian sub continent dish. The fertile land of gobhi is Punjab. It became a popular vegetarian dish throughout India. It is also a well loved Indian dish in UK. Its traditional way of cooking is a combination of few spices. Vegetables like ginger, garlic and tomatoes with onions are the basic curry paste ingredients.

The gobhi bhaji is a dry Indian curry. Main spices includes chili, turmeric, others are optional.

side dishes to serve with the best gobi bhaji brick lane:

Gobhi bhaji itself is a main course dish. It can be a side dish as well. The best curry house brick lane is serving such a wholesome menu that you can make any favorite combo of your own choice.

best mixed kebab cock tail:

So, the best mixed kebab cocktail of the best Indian restaurant brick lane with the best gobhi bhaji. Undoubtedly, a delightful treat for any food lover. You can enjoy the taste of best seekh kebabs, best lamb tikka and best tandoori chicken all in one.

plain nan:

So, Plain Nan is an Indian bread. You can enjoy with any best Indian curry. Similarly, the best gobhi bhaji can be a best pair of plain nan.

best pilau rice:

Similarly, The best pilaf rice of the best curry house brick lane can also be a good combo of gobhi bhaji.

City Spice London is the best Indian curry house on brick lane. So, whenever you visit brick lane don’t forget to visit the best Indian restaurant brick lane for some piquant flavors.