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Best coconut fried rice Brick lane.

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Best coconut fried rice Brick lane

The best Indian curry house brick lane offers rice variations in its rice and bread menu. Rice can be the combo of any best Indian curry. Coconut fried rice is a combo of any best vegetarian curry. Every meat curry is considered as best Indian food with the compliment of the best coconut fried rice Brick lane.

City spice London’s best award-winning menu serves the best coconut rice in Brick lane. Similarly, It is the most combination of any fish or seafood dish and can be served with any meat. There are several recipes for rice. They are soaked in coconut milk and then cooked with a few light spices like curry leaves, freshly grated coconut, ginger, chilies, some experts use Hing. Undoubtedly, garlic is optional. The best Indian curry house brick lane serves their best Indian fried rice with special aromatic flavors.

History of these rice:

Coconut is a tropical fruit of the Caribbean and pacific zone . It is a widely used ingredient of this area. However, it is the most basic south Indian food cooked during their festivities. In India, coconut fried rice is made from basmati rice which is the best Indian fried rice. Similarly, The best coconut fried rice is usually served with the best Indian curries. They complement the Thai dishes as well.

The combination of the best coconut fied rice brick lane:

So, Rice is a complete treat but coconut fried rice can complete any best Indian curry. City spice London is the best Indian curry house brick lane. It is a great feast with chicken curry and fish curries that goes very well with fried rice.

Mixed vegetable curry:

Undoubtedly, The vegetable curry of city spice London is a good combo of fried rice.it is a dry vegetable cooked with mild spices.

Best Indian Seekh kebab:

Seekh kebab is often eaten with rice in many countries and in India, Similarly, they are paired up with Nan and roti as well. City spice London’s best coconut fried rice Brick lane is the great combo seekh kebab.

Fresh salad:

The best Indian restaurant brick lane serves a good variety of fresh salads that can be customized accordingly and you can order any fresh vegetable salad with the fried rice.