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About Us.

Hall of Fame.

City Spice in Brick lane, Shoreditch has been at the forefront of representing South Asian Cuisine. We are regularly featured on National Television and print publications. Recently, City Spice and Chef Niaz were featured on Channel 5’s where he let in the secrets of making Britain’s all time favorite Chicken Tikka Masala, with our own City Spice twist.

We have been the undisputed choice of celebrities such as Matt Smith, Lily Jones & Michael Bisping, and have been the pioneers of pushing traditional Indian cuisine into modernity with our well renowned range of Indian culinary experiences such as the City Spice Challenge.

The fusion of Traditional Indian recipes with Bengali fusion means we were able to elevate the flare of South Asian cuisine.

The Space.

City Spice has stood the test of time by keeping a fresh look for its diners while also preserving the essence of a classic British curry house. The white cloth dining is paired with warm French lighting and chandeliers in the restaurant. A perfect space for every occasion.

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The Location.

City Spice is located near Liverpool Street Station in the heart of Brick Lane which is known as the ‘Curry Lane of UK’. The iconic buildings such as Truman Brewery are located at a stone’s throw from City Spice. You will find a plethora of classic bars such as Simmons and London’s legendary bakeries such as Beigel bake just a walk away from the restaurant as well. This mix is only strengthened by the reputation of Brick Lane as the place for vintage markets and street art featuring world renowned artists such as Banksy.