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The best duck tikka biryani brick lane.

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The best duck tikka biryani brick lane

The best duck tikka biryani brick lane surely left your taste buds satisfied. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane is presenting mouth-watering duck dishes. Similarly, When it comes to biryani, There is a vast variety of biryani dishes as well. So, When you go through the menu you cant deny the variety of dishes.

The best Indian curry house brick lane has the best tikka marinade. They marinate the duck and then bake it in the oven. Some of the secret spices of the City Spice London are then added to make the best Indian biryani masala. Pure basmati rice is second to none which really adds beauty to the dish. Duck tikka itself is a yummy creation when added to biryani is just like icing on the cake.

Other than the taste, The presentation of the biryani dishes of the City Spice is really pleasing. They garnish their biryanis with fried brown onions and mixed vegetable sauce. That makes your meal a fulfilling one.

history of the duck tikka biryani:

As discussed in the best chicken/lamb tikka biryani that biryani may be from Persia. Biryani became popular in India during the Mughal rule. So, When it came to India they introduced a great variety of biryani. Similarly, The Hyderabadi biryani, Sindhi biryani, and Bombay biryani were the special biryanis introduced by the Indian chefs.

Undoubtedly, When it comes to Britain, The best Indian curry house brick lane introduced great variations in biryani dishes. City Spice London is the first to introduce the best Indian vegan food London. So, they have good range of vegetable biryani dishes which is servable besides any best Indian curry brick lane. Similarly, duck dishes are very popular in Britain. So, they introduced duck tikka biryani.

side dishes to serve with the best duck tikka biryani brick lane:

Biryani is considerably a spicy food and definitely needs sides to make your meal enjoyable. Salads and raitas are the must haves with any kind of biryani. You just have to choose from the menu of the best Indian restaurant brick lane.

cucumber raita:

The best cucumber raita can never go wrong with any biryani dish. The creamy yogurt and the fresh cucumber is a great combo to lighten the spice in duck tikka biryani.

vegetable salad:

You can’t deny the significance of the Mixed fresh vegetable salad with the biryani dishes.

Brinjal bhaji:

Just to make your meal a complete feast. One can add any best Indian curry from the award-winning menu. That can be the best brinjal bhaji brick lane. Surely ‘ll never go wrong on the menu.