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The best meat thali in brick lane.

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The best meat thali in brick lane

One of the most recommended award-winning dishes is the best meat thali brick lane. The award-winning dishes of the best Indian curry house brick lane have the perfect combo of meat dishes all in one. So What’s the specialty of this thali, let’s see. The best Indian restaurant brick lane is offering a small bowl of chicken tikka masala, The best tandoori chicken, the best sheek kebab, rice, nan, and raita.

This is one of the most popular and recommended award-winning dishes of the city spice London. Undoubtedly, All the thali dishes are a blast of flavors. The best chicken tikka masala brick lane is second to none. Similarly, It includes the best tandoori chicken brick lane which is no doubt the best choice. Tandoori chicken has the best tandoori marinade and undoubtedly, is the best in the brick lane. Similarly, The best sheek kebab can never go wrong in this thali as they are considered the second national dish of Britain ( if there would be any).

history of best thali:

In India, Thali means a complete meal. Historically it is a South Indian and Caribbean trend that meals of different flavors should be served on one plate. Thali is a big metal plate and according to the Indian concept, all six flavors should be served in a sin a single plate. With the passage of time, the concept of flavors become the concept of diversity.

The best Indian curry house brick lane has a vast menu and it assures quality serving. It has different thalis which depict the level of taste and class of its restaurant. So, all are the most recommended award winning meals.

side dishes that are served in the best meat thali brick lane:

The best meat thali is in complete with out the accompaniments. So, lets see what city spice London is offering besides the best Indian curry and starters.

Mint raita:

The fresh mint raita is also included in the thali and is surely a great combo.


Another must have is the rice which is surely a great accompaniment to the best chicken tikka masala.


The best thali also includes nan which can never go wrong with all these meat dishes.