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Best prawn puree brick lane.

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Best prawn puree brick lane

City spice London has appetizing fish specialties and one of them is the best prawn puree brick lane. The best curry house brick lane is offering spicy and scrumptious prawns sizzled in chilies and onions. Spicy prawns are then served on a light puree bread. The tender prawns are the most popular starter in the best Indian restaurant in London brick lane.

The best curry house brick lane is the Bangladeshi-owned restaurant, and the dish itself is Bangladesh originated. They serve the best prawn puree for spice lovers but with an Indian twist.


The puree is a deep-fried Indian bread. It is commonly eaten in Asia as a breakfast. Some Indian restaurant serves puree as a starter with different variations. So, In different regions of India, the puree is served with halva, puree bhaji, or some savory curry.

Purees are prepared with wheat flour, oil, cumin seeds and usually knead in water. Then rolled in small circles and then deep fried till golden brown.

Prawn puree became the famous Indian food with the passage of time and Prawn is one of the favorite seafood among people. similarly, In Britain they are in high demand.

Side dishes that go well with the best prawn puree brick lane:

Some sauces go very well with the Indian prawn puree. The best Indian restaurant, City spice London has a good variety of sauces. So, You can choose from them.

Mint sauce:

Mint sauce is the most recommended sauce to pair up the spicy prawn puree. So, It will definitely add more flavor to the delicious starter.

Mixed vegetable salad:

The best Indian restaurant usually serves its starters with the mixed vegetable salad that is a good compliment to the best prawn puree.

BEST Vegetable pilaf rice:

If you are having lunch or dinner then you can add mixed vegetable pilaf rice to your order. The best-mixed vegetable pilaf must make your meal best vegan Indian London food.