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The best chicken/Lamb Rezala Brick Lane.

/Indian curry /The best chicken/Lamb Rezala Brick Lane

The best chicken/Lamb Rezala Brick Lane

The best chicken/lamb rezala brick lane is on the top of the rezala menu of City Spice London. So, The best curry house Brick lane also specializes in some rezala dishes. This best Indian curry is actually from Bangladeshi cuisine. So, It is a superb Bangladeshi dish with exotic rezala sauce. There is a secret recipe for the best Indian restaurant in brick lane. They prepared the gravy with special spices and in-house Yogurt and the flavor of green chilis makes it more succulent.

The best Indian curry house brick lane has an authentic recipe for chicken/lamb rezala. The aromatic secret spices make it more scrumptious. Rezala sauce of City Spice London has its own unique taste and is second to none. Undoubtedly they are still proving themselves as the best Indian restaurant brick lane by the distinctiveness of flavors.

history of chicken/lamb rezala:

The history states that rezala is the Persian inspired Mughlai dish. Its flavor is so rich and its creamy white look makes it more royal. Similarly, Mughlai cuisine was considered as a healthy and rich food. Mughals were keen of eating flavorsome and nutritious food. Which was rich in fat and carbohydrates. So, rezala was also mostly made in lamb. It was also served with biryani in Mughlai cuisine.

The specialty is some cashew paste and home made sweet yogurt. The sweet home made yogurt is the basic ingredient and poppy seed’s paste were also a part of the recipe. Similarly, Some araqs were also used in it. Some variations are also introduced by the passage of time. Some prawns, tikka chicken/lamb and some others like best king prawn rezala, best fish rezala and best tandoori king prawn rezala are the popular dishes of the best Indian curry house brick lane.

what to serve with the best chicken/lamb rezala brick lane:

City spice has a wide range of dishes to serve with the rezala.

brinjal bhji:

You can complete your meal by adding any best Indian vegan curry from the menu. Best brinjal bhaji can make a good combo of your rezala dish.

mixed vegetable biryani:

It is a tradition from the Mughal’s era that rezala accompanies biryani very well. So, you must add on best vegetable biryani brick lane to your meal.

stuffed kulcha nan:

The best kulcha nan brick lane can also makes your meal more delightful and mouthwatering.