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best chicken/lamb methi brick lane.

/Indian curry /best chicken/lamb methi brick lane

best chicken/lamb methi brick lane

The best chicken/lamb methi brick lane is another delicious dish for meat lovers. A very popular combo of vegetables and meat like chicken or lamb. This is the most loved dish of Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Methi has a slightly bitter taste but when combined with lamb or chicken it forms a flavorful dish. This is one of the nicest spiced best Indian curries.

The best curry house in the brick lane has the most demanding and mouthwatering Indian dishes on its menu. Methi is a fenugreek leaf. So, The best Indian restaurant serves a lovely combination the best chicken/lamb methi brick lane. The unique taste of methi and lamb/chicken is cooked in with in-house spices that create a flavorful dish.

history of chicken/lamb methi:

So, Methi was the most favorite best Indian curry at times. Many Indians and Pakistanis like the special aroma and taste of the fenugreek leaves. They created a great variation like aloo methi, methi gosht, methi keema and much more. Among all methi aloo is still the best Indian vegan curry.

So, To reduce the bitterness of the methi leaves people sprinkle some salt on it and leave for few minutes. After washing them they makes a curry according to the requirement.

side dishes to serve with the best best chicken/lamb methi brick lane:

There is a great variation of the side dishes on the award winning menu of the best Indian restaurant brick lane. Here are some options or combinations that are likeable with the chicken/lamb methi.


Undoubtedly, The best Parathas brick lane are the most suitable choice for the chicken methi. So, You can order parathas that are mentioned on the menu of the best Indian curry house brick lane.

best Bombay aloo brick lane:

Bombay aloo can be a good side dish with the chicken/lamb methi just to make your meal more delicious.

cucumber raita:

Yoghurt is usually preferred with the methi curry but here you can have the best cucumber raita from the menu of the City Spice London.