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Best Chicken Curry Brick lane.

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Best Chicken Curry Brick lane

Brick lane is famous as the curry capital of London. Brick lane curry houses serve their best chicken curry and City spice is the best curry house in brick lane.

City spice award-winning chicken/lamb curry is mentioned at the top of its curry list. No doubt the most loved best chicken curry Brick lane or Best lamb curry Brick lane depending on customer demand is the award-winning curry of city spice.

Usually, the most common recipes of best chicken or best lamb curry are based on finely chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, tomato puree, salt, red chili, gram masala fresh coriander…. ingredients, I believe is purely a chef’s choice but the fact about the taste of best chicken/lamb curry Brick lane depends on the “bhun” of (when the oil separates from the masala on low flame) according to experts.

City spice chefs make their best chicken/ lamb curry by adding their flavorful spices to the meat. These special spices make it a delightful treat by adding some of their secret spices. The chefs magic of spices blend Makes their recipe different from others. That’s how they won several awards and their best Indian curries Brick lane became popular all over London.

Side dishes served with lamb/chicken curry:

Side dishes are the important question when we go for the best chicken curry/best lamb curry in town. However, most of us go with the Nan bread or homemade chapattis but rice is a good substitute for Nan. Let’s check what we can have with the Indian Curries Brick lane.

Cucumber raita:

Cucumber raita can be the best side dish with best chicken curry Brick lane. Finely diced cucumbers with light salt and black pepper in a thick yogurt can be a tasty treat, especially with lamb curry.

Aloo bhaji:

Samosas with potato filling are the yummiest appetizer to serve with the chicken curry/ lamb curry but small wontons are supper best with light wrap around them and commonly known as aloo bhaji in India. City spice London is serving the best allo bhaji In its best vegan menu and of course, they are serving the first-ever vegan menu in brick lane.

Mint sauce and vegetable salad:

If not cucumber raita, then the mint sauce is the best and mouth-watering side dish with the must-have mixed vegetable salad of the best Indian restaurant city spice London is the good complement to the chicken/lamb curry.

Nan Bread/rice:

No doubt any best curry is incomplete with the combination of rice or bread. Palau rice of city spice London are a good combination to the chicken/lamb curry.

The specialty of City spice is that it serves its best vegan Indian curries to compliment meaty dishes. The colorful table of the best restaurant of brick lane makes it the king of brick lane.

History of lamb curry:

It’s well discussed that the British raj adopted the curry menu from the Indian subcontinents. Later when they came back, from royals to common people chicken tikka became the national dish of Britain.

Railway lamb curry:

Similarly, the lamb curry was first served in first class cars of the Indian railway and that’s why called railway lamb curry. Once, the British officer ordered the curry and found it too spicy and asked the lamb curry to be a milder. Chef then added some coconut milk and yogurt to make it mild. From there, Brits became fond of the best Indian curries. Indian curries were first served in London’s coffee houses. Later on, Bangladeshis settled in the brick lane and opened many Indian curry houses in the brick lane.

During the 20th century, curry became so popular with its great variations. These varieties are murgh masala, chicken razella, chicken karahi, methi chicken, butter chicken, chicken tikka balti, and many vegan curries

Nowadays, the melting pot of a cultural mix, London’s east end Bick lane is having the best curry houses of London, which are serving best Indian curries and best Bangladeshi curries.

City spice London is one of the best Indian curry houses among them all.