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Best Chicken Tikka Brick lane.

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Best Chicken Tikka Brick lane

City spice London is the best Indian restaurant in brick lane. It is famous for its best Indian curries like best chicken tikka Brick lane. The menu of city spice Indian cuisine is derived from Mughal cuisine. All the dishes were inspired by those dishes which were served to the Mughal emperors.

Among other award-winning dishes, chicken tikka is the most loved starter of Indian cuisine. In fact, Brits appreciate the flavor of best chicken tikka brick lane more than any other starter.

Chicken tikka is available in different varieties like chicken tikka masala, chicken curry masala, chicken tikka boti. Chicken tikka in the oven, is also a good dish. Achari chicken tikka, paneer tikka, vegetable tikka, and many others.

City spice serves its best chicken tikka Brick lane with fresh onion and salad. They prepare a great chicken tikka marinade with yogurt and spices for the chicken. Then let it sit for a few hours. Next, fry it with spices and herbs.

Tikka meaning:

Chicken tikka is an Indian subcontinent’s dish. It is a boneless chicken marinated with spiced yogurt and cooked using skewers. Tikka is a Persian word, tike is Turkish. It is a multicultural dish. Yes, we can say it is marinated in different spices, in different origins of the world. The best chicken tikka version is south Asian. The south Asian version is also found in brick lane.

History of chicken tikka:

Its indefinite history dates back to Mughals. Mughals introduced the marinated pieces of hunted lamb or chicken meat called “tikka” to India. Britain adopted it from the British raj. When the British royals went back to Britain from the subcontinent. They have so inspired by Indian cuisine, that chicken tikka masala became the national dish of Britain.

Side dishes to serve with the chicken tikka:

Starters like chicken/lamb tikka can never go alone. Side dishes are the must-have complement to maintain the taste of chicken tikka. Chicken tikka is served with different sauces, in different restaurants. That are mint sauce, cucumber raita, mango/mint /tomato sauces, tamarind sauce, etc. Similarly, here are some most common side dishes.

Gobhi bhaji:

City spice has aromatic gobhi bhaji in their best award-winning vegan menu gobhi bhaji can be the best side dish of chicken tikka. Gobhi bhaji itself is a best vegan curry. If we are talking about city spice, then we must say the best vegan curry of the best Indian restaurant Brick Lane.

Nan/vegetable pilaf:

The very important side dish should be Nan. If not Nan, then vegetable rice. Which is the best Indian side dish to be served with chicken tikka. City spice has the supreme rice menu as well as, the Nan variation which makes its award-winning menu, worth paying.

Cucumber raita:

City spice London’s sun dry menu offers onion raita. Which is undoubtedly a perfect complement to the best Indian chicken tikka Brick lane.

Mango lassi:

The king of Brick lane serves its best Indian food which includes mango lassi. Which can be a good side dish with the best chicken tikka.