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The best vegetable biryani brick lane.

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The best vegetable biryani brick lane

The best Indian restaurant brick lane has the best vegetable biryani brick lane. After proving itself as the best Indian restaurant in brick lane. So, claiming for serving the best Indian vegan food in London. City Spice London is offering the best vegetable biryani brick lane.

The best Indian curry house in brick lane prefers healthy food. So, To Provide healthy and hygienic food it is using fresh vegetables. Peas, potatoes, and carrots are the main vegetables while, The best biryani marinade consists of onion, ginger, and garlic paste. Other spices include City Spice chef’s special biryani spices which create the real aroma and magic in rice. This best biryani is a special gift for vegan food lovers.

history of vegetable biryani:

The biryani is actually a Persian dish and its name is derived from Persian word Biran. It means fried before cooking .So, according to which the material should be fried before cooking . As discussed in the best chicken/lamb biryani brick lane that Mughals brought biryani to India.

Similarly, The needs of vegan food lovers created a new variation that is vegetable biryani. So, The old concept demolished which stated that biryani should must contain any kind of meat in it. No doubt, veg biryani was introduced in the era of Tipu Sultan when he hired vegetarian Hindus as bookkeepers.

dishes to serve with the bestvegetable biryani brick lane:

Some best Indian vegan curries can accompany biryani. Mint or cucumber raita can never go with all kind of biryanis. Here are some ideas from the award-winning menu that will make your choice easy.

brinjal bhaji:

The best brinjal bhaji brick lane can never go wrong and make your meal the best Indian vegan food brick lane.

sev puree:

The best sev puree brick lane can add great taste to your meal as starter. So, it can be a good accompaniment.

mint raita:

The best mint raita is a must have with the biryani dishes.