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The best Peshawari Nan Brick Lane.

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The best Peshawari Nan Brick Lane

The best Peshawari Nan Brick lane is Undoubtedly, On the special menu of the best Indian curry house. The most loved and authentic accompaniment of the spicy best Indian curries. So, as discussed before that City Spice London provides the best Indian flatbread and a variety of Nan bread. Its rice and bread menu has a good variety to make nice combos for every meal.

The best Peshawari Nan with all its goodness is the must-have for the hot gravies. So, The super-soft Peshawari nan stuffed with coconut and almonds can make any meal fulfilling. Similarly, the best Peshawari nan can also be eaten alone as a side dish. As, It is oven-hot and mouthwatering.

history of peshawari nan:

Peshawari Nan is the Pakistani originated flat bread. It was invented in Peshawar Pakistan. It was filled with almonds, sultanas. raisin and coconut. white floor, sugar and yeast are the main ingredients throughout.

With the passage of time it became the popular dish of sun-continent because of the its unique taste. It became famous in India because of its great accompaniment of hot and spicy Indian gravies.

accompaniments of best peshwari nan brick lane:

On the menu of the best Indian restaurant in London on Brick Lane. You’ll definitely find more and more and best options to make great accompaniments. Peshawari nan has the specialty, It can be eaten separately as well as with the starters and gravies.

So, lets have a look , what goes well with the Peshawari Nan from the menu of City Spice London

chicken/lamb madras vindaloo:

The best chicken/lamb madras vindaloo is a very hot and spicy gravy. Only the food lovers can make the combos like this. Similarly, food experts makes experiences by trying different dishes and combinations.

mixed kebab cocktail:

The best mixed kebab cocktail of the best Indian restaurant brick lane is undoubtedly, a perfect choice for Peshawari nan. The platter consist of a variety of best seekh kebab, best tandoori chicken and best lamb tikka.

mint raita:

The best mint raita is surely a a great compliment to the Peshawari nan.