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Best Delhi railway chicken in brick lane.

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Best Delhi railway chicken in brick lane

The best Delhi railway chicken in brick lane is a popular best Indian vegan curry in London. The best Indian curry house in brick lane using the vegan chicken to fulfill the vegetarian requirements of its customers. So, you can’t deny the specialty of the award-winning menu.

The Top Indian restaurant in London on brick lane ensures the best quality food. City spice London collaborates with finale to provide best vegan chicken in town. There are no GMO ingredients in TiNDLE, which is manufactured from just nine components. Key components of TiNDLE include: Soy and wheat proteins, which have a fibrous texture and high quality protein similar to that of chicken from birds. So, it proves that this is the best quality vegan food in brick lane London.

History of railway chicken:

The unofficial origin story of the Railway Curry claims that British commanders stationed in Calcutta were so enamoured of the mutton curry that they ‘commissioned’ chefs working in railway canteens to offer a milder version of it, giving rise to the name “Railway Curry.” Railway Mutton/chicken Curry was developed by combining the original mutton curry recipe with’sahib-friendly’ spices like bayleaf, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. It was first served on the Frontier Mail in the 1930s.

Similarly, in London the best Indian curry house on brick lane is offering best Indian vegan food in London. They introduced four best Indian vegan chicken curries on the award-winning menu.

Side dishes to serve with the best Delhi railway chicken in brick lane:

It depends if you are vegan or not, if you are a vegan then you can choose from your vegan menu. If someone is nonvegetarian and a meat lover then they have more choices. One can definitely choose from the best menu.

Plain rice:

Most of us prefers to eat rice with All the best Indian curries. No one can deny the importance of rice.


The best Indian flat breads are the main most loved items of the City spice London. The best chapati is one of the favorite among all.

City’s chana:

The best city’s chana can accompany and enhance the flavor of the best vegan chicken curry.