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The Best Paneer Tikka Brick Lane.

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The Best Paneer Tikka Brick Lane

The best paneer tikka brick lane is one of the most significant dishes on the menu of City Spice London. They find the best alternative to the best chicken tikka. The best curry house brick lane has a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters. So, paneer tikka is the most demanding starter on the menu.

our best Indian restaurant in London makes delicious paneer tikka by marinating paneer with mixed herbs and yogurt. Similarly, Some aromatic spices are also mixed. Then the paneer chunks are fried along with the herbs. Undoubtedly, Its presentation makes the scrumptious chicken tikka a mouthwatering treat. So, You ‘ll definitely find their succulent paneer tikka happiness on a skewer.

History of paneer tikka:

No doubt, Paneer tikka is an Indian invention. Most of the Indian population specially Hindus are vegetarians. They try different vegetables with the blends of spices to create flavorful alternatives to meaty dishes. Similarly, paneer tikka is one such invention and by the time having so many variations.

Many other cities of India adopted paneer marinade and converted them in to curries. Many of them added spices according to their region which created more variety. Variations of paneer tikka includes paneer tikka masala, Kashmiri paneer tikka, paneer tikka roll, and many others. This is one of the popular best Indian vegan food in London also.

food to serve with the best paneer tikka brick lane:

Paneer tikka is high on demand best Indian vegan starter all over the India. So, Here we are talking about the best Indian restaurant brick lane where paneer tikka is the best vegan Indian starter. Here are some dishes that goes very well with the best paneer tikka.

Best mixed vegetable pilaf rice:

For the vegan food lovers spicy and succulent paneer tikka can be the most satisfying meal of the day.


Indian chapati is the most loved roti on the award winning menu for the South Asians. It will never disappoint you .

mint raita:

For paneer tikka, mint raita is the most comforting accompaniment. It will surely compliment your meal with the deliciousness. This is the whole best Indian vegan food brick lane.