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Celebrate Easter with City Spice Brick Lane.

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Celebrate Easter with City Spice Brick Lane

Celebrate Easter with City Spice Brick Lane as we serve best Indian cusine. This is the Feast Fit for Family & Friends! Easter unites friends and family in a joyful celebration of rebirth and resurrection. This Easter season, why not give your customs a colourful makeover? Considered by many to be the best Indian restaurant in Brick Lane (and possibly all of London!), City Spice Brick Lane extends an invitation to celebrate Easter with a lavish Indian feast that is full of flavour and ideal for sharing with loved ones.

Celebrate Easter with City Spice: A Gastronomic Journey Awaits Past the Bunny Trail:

Customary roasts and chocolate confections are mainstays of Easter celebrations. However, City Spice is providing a fascinating substitute this year: a trip through the many Indian culinary flavours. We offer the best vegan Indian food in London according to our broad a la carte menu, which pleases all palates with traditional dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan selections.

A Symphony of Flavors for Every Preference

For the Meat Lovers:

Awaken your taste senses with Tandoori Chicken, which is made of tender chicken pieces marinated in a blend of aromatic herbs and spices and roasted in a tandoor oven to add a smokey and savoury touch.

Add Some Flavour to Your Celebration:

Take on the heat with our hot Chicken Vindaloo meal, which consists of delicate chicken cooked in a vivid, rich sauce full of aromatic spices.

A Dream of Creaminess:

Dive into our Paneer tikka and, melt-in-your-mouth cheese cubes cooked in a robust tomato sauce, and indulge in its creamy richness.

Aromatic Escape:

Indulge in a savoury and comfortable rice dish covered with fresh veggies and aromatic spices. Set out on a voyage of fragrant spices with our Vegetable Biryani.

Vegan Options to Impress:

We are the best Indian vegan restaurant in London because at City Spice, we serve a broad variety of flavorful, satisfyingly texture-filled vegan dishes in addition to our mouthwatering meat dishes.

Love for Lentils:

Savour the hearty and satisfying flavours of our Dal Makhani, which consists of slow-cooked black lentils stewed in a smooth tomato sauce with a touch of spice.

Symphony of Vegetables:

Savour the colourful fusion of flavours and textures provided by our Vegetable Jalfrezi, a stir-fry packed with of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices that is a wonderful celebration of the bounty of plants.

A feast for everyone at the table: Sharing is Caring:

Enjoying time with loved ones is the essence of Easter. You may put together a colourful gourmet feast for your whole table with the help of City Spice Brick Lane’s shared menu.

Start with a bang:

Get a variety of our mouthwatering appetisers, such as crunchy onion bhajis or juicy vegetable samosas, that are ideal for sharing and enjoyed by everybody.

Side diahes:

Similarly, Positive aspects To enhance the taste and texture of your Easter meal, pair your main courses with a variety of aromatic sides like chilled Raita, fragrant Jeera Rice, or fluffy Naan Bread.

Don’t Forget Dessert:

In addition, Finish your Easter celebration on a sweet note with traditional Indian desserts like Gulab Jamun (syrup-soaked dumplings) or mango Kulfi– a delightful way to end your shared culinary adventure.

More Than Just Food: A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

Beyond only delicious food, City Spice delivers an experience. For your Easter party, our cosy and welcoming ambiance is ideal.

Pleasant Customer Service:

We’d be pleased to walk you through the menu and offer suggestions based on your dietary requirements and tastes, guided by our pleasant and informed staff.

Calm and relaxed atmosphere:

In our cosy and welcoming restaurant, take a break from the bustle of the city and relax.

Festive Touches:

To heighten the joyous atmosphere of your dinner, we might even add a few discreet Easter decorations.

City Spice Brick Lane: Your Easter Feast Destination:

Make enduring moments at City Spice Brick Lane this Easter with your loved ones. Savour the bright tastes of India, luxuriate in the cosiness of our hospitality, and relish the happiness of sharing a mouthwatering feast. The following reasons make City Spice Brick Lane the ideal location for your Easter celebration.

A Gastronomic Retreat:

Discover the flavorful and varied offerings of the greatest Indian restaurants in London.

A Little Something for Everyone:

Additionally, We have selections on our large menu for vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers to suit every taste.

The Sharing Made Simple:

Undoubtedly, Our menu is meant to be shared, making dinner a lively and engaging affair.

Warm Ambience:

So, Come in and unwind in our cosy and welcoming restaurant.