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The best Indian curry in Brick Lane.

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The best Indian curry in Brick Lane

Everyone loves curry! It has long been a classic tradition in UK to have curries on night outs with some good papadum and chutney. Indian curries are packed with flavor and spices that make them a showstopper for every occasion. Brick lane is regarded as the curry lane of UK and houses the top Indian curry restaurant in London, City Spice. City Spice is not only the best Indian restaurant in brick lane but the whole of London. City Spice has some of the best curry brick lane such as chicken tikka masala, dansak, tandoori chops.

Chicken tikka masala is probably the most famous Indian curry and is well known everywhere in the world. City spice makes the best Indian curry in brick lane, chicken tikka masala by grilling boneless breast pieces of chicken marinated in vibrant tikka spices and yoghurt, in tandoor ovens. These BBQed medallions of chicken are then cooked in masala curry sauce to produce the best curry in brick lane.

The best Indian restaurant in brick lane, City spice has another extremely popular dish, tandoori lamb chops. The best lamb chops in brick lane are prepared by the best indian restaurant in brick lane by using prime cuts of lamb which are marinated over-night in aromatic tandoori spices and then slow cooked in the tandoori oven. Due to this, the lamb chops just melt in the mouth and are a flavor packed treat.

These special dishes make City Spice the best restaurant in brick lane and the most authentic Indian curry house in brick lane.