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History of Indian curry.

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History of Indian curry

Do you know, one of the most popular meals of UK is from Indian origin?

Yes, you guessed it right. And you are not crazy because Brits are so crazy about Indian curry and Indian vegan curry. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb chops get most votes usually on top five most popular meals in the whole UK.

But the taste took its time to develop. The love of Indian curry and Brits goes back to the 18th century.
Best Indian restaurants start appearing in ENGLAND because there was plethora of demand to fulfill the needs of Asian workers working on factories. But it was during 1970’s when the curry restaurant dominates the market because Indian restaurants were commercialize in that era. White people developed their love for the Asian Indian food consist of British bureaucrats and traders who spent time in India and also wanted to enjoy the taste of special Indian curry.

Their food for brick lane Indian curry was so great that some even took their private chef with them to UK and those who couldn’t afford became the customers of Indian curry restaurants. But the taste was not always the same. Now a days, you see more pure ingredients which were not available during 70 and 80’s time. And it was common to add sugar to curries to make them suited to British taste. People love to try chicken Tikka masala specially. Some famous Indian curry restaurants located at Brick Lane Street in UK are now more popular than some traditional UK restaurants. City Spice London and their love to serve people with their authenticated Indian curry dishes is one famous example.

Another reason of why Indian curry restaurants are so famous is that Queen Victoria loved best Indian Food and because she is the trend setter for upper and middle class. People also loved Asian Indian food.

In 1852, cookbook stated that “few Dinner are thought complete unless [Indian curry] is on the table.”