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Street Art and food adventures in UK’s most famous street brick lane.

/History of Bricklane /Street Art and food adventures in UK’s most famous street brick lane

Street Art and food adventures in UK’s most famous street brick lane

Brick Lane is famous as London’s multi-cultural center, a blend of Bangladeshi, Indian and other communities. It’s the heart of the east end of London. Whether you are talking about vintage shopping, international cuisine, music, or art, brick lane is a Versatile Street.

Street Art in Brick Lane:

Among many other hotspots, brick lane is also very popular for its street art and art galleries. You‘ll find a lot of paste-ups, stickers, graffiti, and sculptures.

In recent years brick lane has become London’s center of fashion and art. Some of street art conveys the message regarding politics, and cultural effects and some are only artistic talents

Brick Lane street art is inspired by global street art. It’s a licensed organization based on about 850 murals situated near seven stars bar.

Street Art Pieces:

While visiting Truman brewery you‘ll find art pieces of great artists like Vhils, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy side by side.

Brick lane’s building walls, stores, shutters, and doors are all pieces of attraction consisting of small paintings, posters, and murals.

Art galleries in brick lane:

Yes, it is true that London’s street art was considered a crime when you look decades back but now local authorities have accepted that artists should have a right to show their talent so they arranged many exhibitions in the brick lane as well to give new talent a chance to prove themselves.

Brick Lane Gallery:

Brick lane gallery promotes the art of mid-career artists, and organizes exhibitions, solo shows, and group exhibitions regarding paintings, sculpture, photography, performances, videos, and paper works.

They claim that they have worked with Banksy, boar tusk, and leer and recently they showcased the work of Bob, Roberta Smith, and Wolfgang.

Gallery S O:

S O Galleries was first founded in 2003 by Felix Flury in Switzer land and after six years in brick lane. Its focus was to establish good communication among artists they also promoted and encouraged the art in jewelry and metalwork. It also published monographs, catalogs, and books.

East end prints:

This is a great place to find graphic art prints in London and beautifully designed frames. They use their own frames as well as custom made.

There are so many trip advisor companies working in London, so people can take advantage of organized street art tours, and they‘ll definitely guide you about the delicious food on brick lane.

City spice London and art:

Best Indian Curry House on Brick Lane London

While talking about street art in brick lane one cannot ignore food art, and when the food is well decorated it’s much more appetizing. No doubt! Again here we cannot ignore City spice London the award-winning best Indian restaurant that serves not only delicious Indian food but also well-garnished food which looks so tempting that leaves an everlasting pleasant impression on the customers.

Its interior is also very attractive walls are well decorated with paintings. After the covid-19 reopening, they changed their sitting arrangements the gallery outside is beautiful, and a pleasant atmosphere encourages people to enjoy their food.