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Best Tandoori chicken Brick Lane.

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Best Tandoori chicken Brick Lane

City spice cooks its best tandoori chicken Brick lane in a special traditional way. Spices are mixed in yogurt garlic, ginger, and other mild spices like lemon juice and maybe tandoori masala to keep it soft and juicy, then left for a few hours and then baked in a clay oven, this is how oven baked tandoori chicken is made. It’s a slow cooking process and a time taking recipe. City spice as the best curry in Brick Lane serves the best tandoori chicken in Brick lane recipe.

The red color of tandoori chicken:

When we say tandoori chicken masala, immediately a red hot, chicken flashes in mind. The red color of tandoori chicken is not mysterious but it is because of the red chili and cayenne pepper. Sometimes Lil bit of food coloring to give it a proper tandoori marinade.

City spice is the king of Brick lane and if you crave the best tandoori Chicken you can visit the best Indian curry restaurant Brick Lane “City Spice London”

Side dishes served with tandoori chicken:

Best Tandoori chicken Brick lane can be served as a starter, or in the main course but there are so many side dishes that can be served with the Indian tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken lettuce cups:

Indian tandoori chicken can be served with a mixed vegetable salad consisting of cucumber, carrot, salad leaves, cabbage, and radish, all medium-sized cubed vegetables are then seasoned with lime juice, olive oil, salt, and black. Put them in lettuce cup leaf and serve.

Pilaf rice:

Tandoori chicken can be served with pilaf rice, cashew and coriander can be sprinkled at the end, by adding chunks of tandoori chicken it can be converted into Indian tandoori chicken rice.

Mint sauce:

Tandoori chicken and fresh mint sauce is the best combo and a delightful Indian recipe.

Nan bread:

Tandoori chicken tastes best when served with Indian bread (Nan). kalonji bread, coriander bread even the simple nan are more delicious when served with the tandoori chicken.

City spice London as a best Curry in London Brick lane has all these varieties and they can serve the combo of your own choice while serving their best tandoori chicken.


Indian Tandoori chicken is one of the most mouthwatering recipes. Its rich red color and flavor full spices makes it more fascinating. Tandoori chicken is an Indian dish. Tandoori chicken was first invented by an Indian cook Kundan Lal Gujral and Kundan Laal Jaggi in Moti Mahal restaurant, Peshawar in the late 1940s under British India. Britain adopted Indian cuisine when they used to rule over the subcontinent. When British rulers went back to their country some of them took chefs with them. Similarly, former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy eat Indian Tandoori Chicken in flight from Rome to Bombay, in 1962 and later in 1963. Los Angeles Times published the recipe of Indian tandoori chicken. Probably, this was the time when Indian tandoori chicken became essential in every main course of royal parties.

The specialty of the dish is not only its red tandoori color. But its unique way of cooking leaves a delightful tandoori flavor that remains till the last byte. It was cooked in traditional clay ovens popularly known as tandoors. Those tandoors were only used for cooking bread. Before Kundan Lal, no one used those ovens for any kind of meat cooking.

Nowadays Indian tandoori chicken is much popular dish, not only in South Asia but also in Britain. With the passage of time, its popularity led to many variations like tandoori tikka in Brick lane, tandoori chicken masala in Brick lane, tandoori chicken curry in Brick lane, tandoori chicken pilaf in brick lane, tandoori chicken salad in brick lane, and so on.