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Vintage market shopping in Bricklane and curry lunch.

/History of Bricklane /Vintage market shopping in Bricklane and curry lunch

Vintage market shopping in Bricklane and curry lunch

Brick lane! A vast topic to say about, an old market of east London. Brick lane market is always famous for its different specialties throughout the centuries. Presently Brick lane is famous for curry houses and vintage shopping.


The street was formerly known as Whitechapel lane during the 15th and 16th centuries. Brick lane was named Brick lane street in the late 16th century. Probably, due to the making of bricks and tiles in the area. It became a more significant area of London as The Old man Brewery opened up there in 1666.

After the closure of Brewery market at Brick lane it became the center of attraction for the immigrants. Bangladeshi, Indian and people from the other countries took their heritage of delicious cuisines to the Great Britain. The Brits were so fond of Indian Cuisine .Their favorite most food includes all kind of curries, specially chicken tikka masala is the most hit dish of all eras.

During 18th and 19th centuries this street became famous for its curry houses and the London’s biggest Vintage Market. Brick lane market is so fascinating due to its artistic walls, lots of coffee houses, Vintage clothe stores, vintage boutique’s and curry houses, food stalls and vintage clothing stalls. Every class can shop, eat and entertain themselves in this street. Londoner’s are often seen making their Sundays as fun days during shopping and dining. They have art galleries another center of attraction in the chapel and in The Old Truman Brewery.

Vintage shop at Brick lane:

“The Old Truman Vintage Market” is a street stall where u can find all the stuff from the late 19th century like patchy jackets brands like “MOM” and Levi’s Jeans and the most demanding peny-lane escue coats are the main items of this Vintage shop.

Rokit:(the vintage shop)

rocket itself is a London classic and considered as one of the best vintage shopping stores of this market and is considerable for 70s suede jackets, 80s wind breakers, and 90s dungarees. specialty of rokit is that it upcycles its own stuff like scrunchies, bags and patchwork skirts. But of course! These are not cheap at all.

serotonin vintage:

It is a price point but not really, actually! it is a brand point as favorite brands like Versace ,Dior, Burberry and John Paul are its specialities.it also launch its men store , if you are fond of Burberry Vintage wear that’s the best choice for you.

Beyond Retro (vintage shop):

One of the considerable Vintage style clothing is Beyond Retro. Here u can find 90s sportswear of Champion and Nike, 1970s style jump suites and 1940s and 50 pea-coats.

Hunky Dowry Vintage:

A very small and old style vintage clothing store at first glance, but actually you ‘ll find the beautiful stuff there like 20th century frocks, pusy-bow blouses, faux-fur jacket, double breasted coats and blazers. There are so many vintage clothing stores and vintage boutiques other than these where people can shop and find their required vintage style clothing.

Curry houses in Bricklane:

City Spice London famous Indian restaurant in Bricklane.
Another mesmerizing, in fact delightful attraction of Brick lane Street for which it has been famous since the last century is its delicious food stalls specially The Curry Houses, these curry houses offers vegetable curries, curry lunch. Brits are crazy for Indian curry lunch so you’ll find different curry houses offering great menu of mouthwatering Indian Curries. The 2017s MasterChef award holder “The City Spice London considered as King of Curry restaurants at Brick lane and those who wanted to enjoy the taste of best brick lane Indian Curry should choose City Spice London. Its menu is South-Asian Bangladeshi Cuisine.