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best chicken tikka pathia brick lane.

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best chicken tikka pathia brick lane

The best chicken tikka pathia in the brick lane is one of the all-time favorites menus of the best Indian restaurant in London. So, The best curry house in brick lane tries to make such a menu that can be best suited. The best tikka pathia is a British-originated dish. Similarly, the best chicken tikka/lamb tikka pathia is City Spice London’s own creation.

So, The best chicken/lamb tikka pathia is cooked in a few steps by the best Indian curry house brick lane. Firstly, The boneless chicken is marinated, Secondly, The chicken is cooked in the ovens. Thirdly, Chefs create thick gravy to make perfect chicken/lamb tikka pathia. The sauce of chicken pathia is sweet and sour but spicy gravy. Chicken tikka enhances the flavor of the Indian gravy.

history of chicken tikka pathia:

Chicken tikka pathia is an Iranian inspired gravy. It was actually created by the UK based Bangladeshi chefs. As, They had to face the competition of growing Chinese cuisine in UK. Bangladeshis were also trying to establish their business. So, They started creating sweet and sour and mildly spiced dishes. It became popular in that era. Similarly, With the passage of time they created variations.

Pathia gravy consists of lime or vinegar, tamarind, chilies and jaggery flavors to enhance and balance the flavors in curry. Ginger is also optional. It became good substitute of the Chinese dishes in UK. Of course, with Indian spiced blends.

side dishes to serve with the chicken/lamb pathia:

The question comes in mind is, What to serve with pathia? So, when you are dinning in the best Indian restaurant brick lane. You have so many options to make its accompaniments. some are these..

Best peshawari nan:

From the rice and bread menu of the City Spice London the best accompaniment of the chicken/lamb tikka pathia can be the best Peshawari nan brick lane.

best aloo bhaji brick lane:

The best aloo bhaji is undoubtedly makes a good combination to sweet and sour chicken pathia curry.

special fried rice:

You can also make great combo of special fried rice and chicken/lamb pathia from the award-winning menu.