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best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane.

/Indian curry /best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane

best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane

The next dish is none other than, The most popular best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane. So, The best Indian curry house brick lane is serving the most piquant and hottest Indian curry chicken vindaloo. They are serving lamb madras as optional. However, Lamb madras is considerably a different gravy. Lamb madras is also a hot and spicy curry but it is very different from chicken vindaloo.

City Spice London is offering chicken vindaloo and lamb madras both as hot curries. Vindaloo is City Spice’s specialty and The best Indian restaurant brick lane is trying to maintain its status of being the best. They use best spices and very fine variety of fresh chilies in in the best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane. Cayenne paper is one of the hottest and main chili included in marinade.

history of the best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloo brick lane:

Actually it was a Goan originated curry. It is the traditional curry of catholic Goan community. Goa is a south Asian City of India. So, It became famous all over the India because of its piquant flavors. Similarly, Vindaloo got significance in UK as it became popular hot Indian curry. Many people started accepting challenges of the hottest Indian curries in the world.

On the other hand, Lamb madras was a completely different dish but is also a hot and spicy best Indian Brick Lane curry. It is originated from the Madras, another city of India.

side dishes to serve with tje best chicken/lamb madras/vindaloobrick lane:

So, we must say that this would be City Spice’s own creation to serve lamb madras as optional for chicken vindaloo. For both the hot and spicy Indian curries there are so many side dishes. You can choose according to your taste.

best peshawari nan brick lane:

The best Peshawari nan is surely a superb accompaniment to the chicken vindaloo or lamb madras.

best mint raita:

Fresh mint sauce is a must have with the spicy Indian curry.

best mixed vegetable salad:

The best Indian restaurant serves freshly prepared mixed salad for the best Indian curries. The best mixed vegetable salad will surely never disappoint you.