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Best Seekh kebab Brick lane.

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Best Seekh kebab Brick lane

Seekh kebab is the next dish on the menu of city spice London. It is also the hit dish after curry in UK. The Best Indian Restaurant Brick lane is serving lamb seekh kebab, minced meat blended with the main ingredient green chilies. And a variety of spices to create a best seekh kebab Brick lane marinade then grilled in a tandoori oven.

We can say kebabs are the second most famous dish in Britain. According to the researcher’s number of kebab shops In Uk is almost equal to the number of curry houses. Kebab industry has a significant positive impact on the UK’s food industry.

Ibrahim Dogus the founder and director of the center for turkey. Who studies and development (CSTD) believes that kebabs must be considered now as the second national dish of Britain along with fish and chips.

History of seekh kebab:

The actual name of seekh kebab was shish kebab. The word shish was a Turk word that means sword. The main origin of seekh kebab was turkey. Also according to the popular concept that the Turkish soldiers were used to hunting and sword was being used to cook the kebabs on fire.

Later on, these kebabs came with different variations in different countries. But the best chicken seekh kebab, best mutton seekh kebab, best keema kebab, best ghilafi kebab, kakori kebab, and many more are most famous dishes. In the same way the best Indian restaurant brick lane serves its best seekh kebab as a starter or you can have them in your main course.

Side dishes to serve with the seekh kebab:

When it comes to seekh kebab the next question in mind must be what the best side dishes of seekh kebab are? Either you are going to the dinner or evening supper or it may be a lunch some good combo is necessary to compliment best Indian seekh kebab Brick lane.

Coconut fried rice:

The best Indian restaurant brick lane is serving coconut fried rice. According to the experienced restaurateurs’ coconut fried rice is the best Indian rice. It can be the mouthwatering combo of the seekh kebab.

Onion yogurt raita:

Grilled seek kebab is an incomplete dish without the raita. Especially when it comes to the best curry house brick lane. Their onion raita is a supreme compliment to any tandoori dish on the award-winning menu.

Mixed vegetable bhaji:

The best Indian curry house brick lane offers its delicious mixed vegetable bhaji on the vegan menu. Similarly best vegetable curry is the most demanding Indian dish to compliment the best chicken seekh kebab Brick lane.

There are a lot more on the menu to kick start the party in the best Indian restaurant brick lane city spice London.