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best chicken/lamb biryani brick lane.

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best chicken/lamb biryani brick lane

The best chicken/lamb biryani brick lane is the next dish of discussion. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane also specifies some biryani rice dishes along with the best Indian curries. It is the quality of biryani rice that they are enough alone. So, you can add side dishes like salads and chutney, and raita as a compliment to your rice.

The best curry house brick lane presents the best basmati rice for its pulao and the best chicken/lamb biryani. One more compliment that goes to the City Spice London is that it is using most aromatic and flavorful spices in its biryani dishes. The smell of saffron and the aroma of brown onion, mint garnishing, and other vegetables creates great magic. That leaves your taste buds to come again and again. Undoubtedly, The complimentary fresh vegetable sauce will never let you go wrong with your choice.

history of chicken/lamb biryani:

It is a common perception that the biryani is a Persian dish. As its name is also derived from the Persian word Biran. It means fried. So, The biryani actually means frying lamb or chicken or even vegetables before mixing it with rice. However, It is also popularly known by many people that biryani came to India by Mughal emperors from Persia. Mughals were fond of delicious food and their love for food made so many dishes royal.

It is said that Mumtaz once visited the army, She noticed the soldiers looked weak. So, She ordered the royal chefs to prepare the feast with meat and rice . It was to feed the brave army soldiers. So, The special biryani marinade was prepared to simmer with saffron rice. Later on, They introduced variations of biryani. variations are lamb biryani, Lamb shank biryani, and King prawn biryani. The lamb biryani ingredients are slightly different from the chicken biryani ingredients. Biryani became a popular Indian food within a short time. Traditionally, it was cooked in earthen pots . With the passage of time, it became an easily cooked food.

side dishes to serve with the best chicken/lamb biryani:

Biryani itself is a whole treat so there a variety in sundry items of the best Indian restaurant brick lane.

mint raita:

The best mint raita of freshly ground mint is the superb combination of biryani.

fresh vegetable salad:

Similarly, fresh vegetable salad is a must have of biryani.

mixd vegetable chutney:

The best Indian restaurant is serving mixed vegetable chutney with he mouth watering biryani.

You can add best papadums from the award-winning menu.