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Author: Niaz Niaz.

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22-year-old Executive Chef of City Spice, Niaz Caan has launched London's first 'Anglo-Indian' curry menu. He has married these two very different cuisines (English and Indian) creating an entirely original Anglo-Indian fusion menu, cooked the Indian way, with dishes you won’t find anywhere else.     “The stereotypical Grandmother’s Daal recipe”, says Niaz “will only last so long, diners inevitably want something new and as cultures merge, a new way of doing things becomes the norm. I want to show Indian restaurants in the UK that yes, of course you can be authentic, but this by no means should stifle your creativity.” Chef Niaz’s signature dishes: Velvet Chicken, Rajasthani Hotpot, Cottage Cheese Roll, take inspiration from English staples like Lancashire stews and use ingredients that don’t have a place in a traditional curry house: gooseberries, cottage cheese and strawberries to name a few. The nation’s favourite curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, often derided as inauthentic

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