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Brick lane: A Star of London.

/History of Bricklane /Brick lane: A Star of London

Brick lane: A Star of London

Brick Lane is a street situated in the heart of the east end of London. Through the centuries Brick lane had always been a center of attraction for the people, having historic significance for the Londoners and tourists. Brick Lane is now considered as A STAR OF London for the locals as well as, for the tourists.

Brick lane as Bangla Town:

Brick lane became Bangla town in the late 1960s. Many Bangladeshis migrated to London and found refuge in Brick Lane Street. They started their business in this street. They brought Indian-Bangladeshi cuisine there, through which it became more popular.

Attractions of Brick lane London:

A star is always known for its glow, specialties and its sparkles. Brick lane London has so many staring qualities, having iconic position, historic value, great vintage market, art galleries, art shows, old furniture stalls, famous curry houses, and international cuisine. If nothing appeals, then best photography backgrounds are there to fascinate you. These paintings were made by well-known artist ROA, martin Ron and Dscreet.

Sunday market:

A great Sunday market is having its own significance, it starts early 10:00 am in the morning .This is a fantastic market where you will discover fashion, music, art, second hand furniture, vintage cloth stalls. Brick lane have all the stuff one may need. Book stall is another variety of brick lane. As, I was going through an article stated that, “it’s an alternate to the overcrowded oxford street”.

Vintage market:

A huge market falls out under Truman Brewery four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday .There are so many stalls where you ‘ll find a lot of vintage clothing from the fashion of 1930s-1990s.

Tea Rooms:

This is another market founded in 2009. It has a large number of cafes and tea houses alongside many antique stalls, handmade cushions, craft items. Furniture is also available there.

Food stuff:

Brick Lane London
Brick lane is not only famous for its curry houses but also for bagels, drinks and for vegan food lovers it’s a good market. City Spice London offers delightful menu for the vegetarians. Over all, brick lane is the house of international cuisine. Food stalls and cafés, coffee shops and lots of variations will make someone eats to his hearts contents. But, of course! You must have to pay for it.
Though it is about vintage shopping, dining, bargain hunting, art discovering. You must visit this iconic star street of London, “Brick Lane Street”.