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The best sag king prawn brick lane is the next-level recipe for sure. The best Indian curry house brick lane is offering a wide variety of seafood all over its menu. So, on the seafood dishes portion of the menu sag prawn and sag king prawn are the options. Undoubtedly, dishes have the same sauce and taste but the difference in price is because of simple prawns and king prawns. King prawns definitely increase the value and cost of any dish. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane always prefers health benefits for its customers. Similarly, Prawns one of the popular seafood among people when combined with some healthy vegetables is surely a healthy treat. City Spice London is cooking prawns/king prawns in some spinach and methi leaves with some aromatic spices. This blend of organic vegetables and seafood makes a scrumptious meal. History of the best 1sag prawn: As discussed in some

The best shobji garlic in brick lane is one of the aromatic best Indian curry in London. This curry is simply nutritious and healthy. Similarly, no one is unaware of the heath benefits of garlic. So, the aroma of garlic makes this mix vegetable curry a special dish. The mushroom is quite a neutral in taste vegetable. So, the cauliflower and then the potatoes lies in the same category. These vegetables when fried with garlic makes aromatic dish. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane use special spices and herbs for shobji garlic recipe. Potato, cauliflower and mushrooms are fried in garlic and then mixed with special herbs and spices to create aromatic best Indian vegan curry. Then it is garnished with spring onion and coriander. Aubergine and spices are also cooked in medium hot sauce with aromatic garlic. History of garlic: Garlic has been used for food, medicine, as an aphrodisiac, as currency, and