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best matter paneer brick lane.

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best matter paneer brick lane

The best curry house brick lane has two options in paneer that is the best matter paneer and the best Palak (sag) paneer. Unlike Palak paneer curry, Matter paneer is completely a different dish. Matter paneer is a thick gravy consist of ginger, garlic paste, tomatoes puree and onion with different Indian spices.

The best Indian restaurant London makes aromatic and scrumptious matter paneer curry. This is also one of the best Indian vegan curry. City Spice London uses super soft and delicious cheese in matter paneer curry. Fresh peas are the next main ingredient. It is very popular among vegan lovers. Many people who are fond of cheese and Indian curries often come to the best curry house brick lane to try this aromatic best Indian vegan curry.

History of matter paneer:

The history of matter paneer belongs to the history of paneer because when the paneer was invented different variations of paneer dishes came forward. This thick Indian curry belongs to north Indian. Similarly, matter paneer is the specialty of the Punjab. This dish was a popular vegetarian dish of the Indian cuisine. For variation sometimes thick cream or yoghurt can be used in gravy.

Side dishes to serve with best matter paneer brick lane:

best lamb chops brickn lane:

when you visit the best Indian restaurant brick lane you can not avoid its tandoori starters. The best lamb chops of the best Indian restaurant are the perfect match to the best matter paneer.

Plain Nan:

Best Indian plain nan is the best combo for the best matter paneer. So, its your choice that what kind of nan you prefer from the award winning menu.

best keema fried rice:

The rice and bread menu of the best Indian restaurant has an extensive menu for Indian breads and rice. For matter paneer, we think that best keema fried rice can be a good combo one can not deny.

So, this completely your choice what kind of combination you would like to prefer.