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best karai king prawn brick lane.

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best karai king prawn brick lane

The best karai king prawn brick lane is the next topic of discussion on the menu of City Spice London. Just like the best chicken/lamb karai, the best Indian restaurant brick lane is offering the best karai king prawn. King prawns are considered the best prawns for the best Indian curries. So, The best Indian curry house brick lane is serving king prawns in their prawn karai.

Unlike, many other curries there is a special woke for cooking karai dishes. Similarly, The best curry house brick lane is using ginger garlic paste and a tomato paste to enhance the karai prawns taste. Thus, The scrumptious curry never fails to achieve the compliments of the customers. Specially when the customers are prawn lovers.

history of the karai prawn:

Same as chicken/lamb karai, The prawn karai is also a South Indian invention. It is one of the most loved prawn dish. Specially when it comes to the Indian restaurants in the UK. It become a significant dish for Londoners who loves desi feast. It is also popular among people who are seafood admirers.

So, With the passage of time it became a popular dish in many parts of the world. There are different cooking spices of karai prawn according to regional change. Some people adds onions while some has the concept the onion are not the ingredient of karai. Similarly, Those who are gravy likers in Indian curries prefers to add onions and yoghurt in karai dishes other the tomato and ginger garlic.

side dishes that goes with the best karai king prawn:

Similar, to the chicken/lamb karai you can have nan breads, chapati or rice of your own choice. There are a variety of side dishes and sundry items on the award winning menu. Other than this rice and bread portion of the best Indian restaurant is also offering valuable meal options.

cheese nan:

The best cheese nan of the City spice London is surely making a good combo of the karai prawns.

mint sauce:

From the sun dry items of the best Curry house brick lane you can order mint raita. Freshly prepared mint raita is surely a great taste maker.

fresh side salad:

Fresh salad is the must have for the karai dishes.