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Best garlic chicken brick lane.

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Best garlic chicken brick lane

The best garlic chicken brick lane is a nutritious food. The best Indian curry house on brick lane prefers to serve healthy and tasteful food. City spice London also ensures a peaceful but entertaining environment for all categories whether you are in groups or having a family feast. The best Indian restaurant on brick lane will surely never disappoints you. The serving style and garnishing of the food makes it more worth eating.

The special recipes of the best Indian curry house can never go wrong when it is the best Indian curry. The chefs never mind to share it on the menu card what are the specialties of this dish and what ingredients they are using. Like here it is clearly mentioned below the recipe that cherry tomatoes, yogurt, ginger and garlic are the main ingredients. The best thing is they also mention the basic characteristics of the dish. So, this best Indian curry is rich and silky.

History of garlic chicken:

Garlic is a healthy species and considerably use to increase the nutrient value of the meal from the ancient times. Similarly, no one can deny the taste and aroma of garlic. It enhances the quality and taste of curries. Garlic was also used to change the smell of the meat. It has a unique and pleasant flavour.

Similarly, garlic become an essential part of almost every meat dish. It makes good curry when saute properly and combined with other ingredients. So, we can say garlic is an essential ingredient of all best Indian curries.

Side dishes to serve with best garlic chicken brick lane:

There is a huge variety of side dishes on the award-winning menu. You can choose according to your taste.

Sag paneer roll:

The best sag paneer roll is a good compliment to a meaty dish like garlic chicken. So, if any one likes a vegan starter to accompany this chicken curry then it is surely the best.

Cheese nan:

The best cheese nan brick lane is the most loved Indian bread on brick lane. Undoubtedly, the aromatic oven hot butter greased cheese nan can never go wrong with the best Indian curry.

Mushroom rice:

The super delicious best mushroom rice brick lane is the perfect accompaniment to the garlic chicken.