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best chicken/lamb passanda brick lane.

/Indian curry /best chicken/lamb passanda brick lane

best chicken/lamb passanda brick lane

The best chicken/lamb passanda brick lane is one of the everyday favorite parts of the menu. The best Indian curry house brick lane has an award-winning menu that specializes in the variety of best Indian curries. So, The City Spice London is serving chicken/lamb pasanda in the original Mughal style. Similarly, it was a Mughlai dish and gained much significance in all Indian-inspired cuisines. It became popular in the U.K as well.

The best Indian restaurant in brick lane is serving passanda with delicately marinated chicken/lamb’s tender pieces. They cook an aromatic and special blend of spices in yogurt and light sauce.

history of passanda:

Passanda was also an Indian invention. It was a favorite dish of the Mughal emperors. With the passage of time it became the privileged dish for the upper class.

The specialty of this dish is that it is the specific part of lamb or chicken . So, Lamb passandae were made with leg of lambs. it can be a shoulder of goat as well. A specific flat cuts are then marinated and then cooked in a mild curry. Many people are still using the same techniques and recipes. It is also served with grated almonds. There is a variation in meat like chicken passanda, Prawn passanda, meat passanda all are delicately cooked in tender meat.

what goes with best chicken/lamb passanda brick lane:

The best Indian restaurant has a great variety in rice and bread portion. So, you can choose your favorite from the menu.

best garlic chilli nan:

The garlic chili of the City Spice London can go well for the spice lovers with this mild curry.

best pilau rice:

pilau rice can never go wrong with the passanda curry.


Indian chapatti is also available at the best curry house brick lane. So, its true that motly people also prefers chapattis with passanda curry.