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Best Bombay aloo brick lane.

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Best Bombay aloo brick lane

The best Bombay aloo is also on the top of the award-winning menu of the city spice London. The best Bombay aloo is the very first dish listed on the vegetarian side dish portion of the best Indian restaurant brick lane.

This is a side dish and is a good combo of any starter on any main course. City spice makes the best dry curry of Bombay aloo and is seasoned with good spices.

History of Bombay aloo:

Bombay aloo is an Indian dish. It is very popular all over India because it’s a vegetarian dish. Potato’s native city is Peru where they were cultivated but an amazing fact is this, Indians did not bring it to India but it came with the British raj.

This dish is one of the mouth-watering recipes for cooking potatoes with dry spices like cumin, onion, garlic, ginger, garam masala, salt, and red chili. Similarly, Tomato paste or tomatoes are optional. This is the most authentic recipe for this dish. It is the best Indian spicy potato recipe.

best side dishes to go with this Dish:

Somewhere, Bombay aloo is the main course . It can be eaten with Nan or bread and with some rice. Actually, it is a side dish and can be a combo of any main course. So, This can also be combined with any starter. because, This is the best Indian vegan curry brick lane.

BEST Lamb chops:

What a good compliment Bombay aloo can be to the tender and juiciest lamb chops. You can experience it only on the best curry house brick lane. The award-winning menu has the best vegan side dish portion to make good combos.

best Garlic Nan:

Similarly, The best Indian garlic Nan is the supreme match to the this dish.

Vegetable raita:

So, Mixed vegetable raita is also one of the significant side dishes to pair with this spicy dish.

So, The best Indian restaurant brick lane is famous for its good guidance to customers and to make delightful combinations of main courses, and Starters with side dishes.