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The best Rogan josh brick lane.

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The best Rogan josh brick lane

The best Rogan josh brick lane, The very popular Indian dish of the best Indian curry house brick lane. The best Indian restaurant in the brick lane ensures the quality and taste. City Spice London also specializes in Kashmiri cuisine. Many Balti dishes are also a part of the menu but a part of this, is those dishes with a blend of Mughlai and Indian cuisine are also presented in the menu.

One of the finest gravies of the City Spice London is the best Rogan josh. The specialty of the Kashmiri dish is the aromatic flavors and mouthwatering gravy. The specific Kashmiri spices make the meat scrumptious. Another specialty of the best Rogan josh is cooked in red meat like lamb, goat, or mutton. So, The best Indian curry house brick lane tries its level best to satisfy its customers.

history of rogan josh:

Rogan josh is a Kashmiri dish. It was uniquely cooked in Kashmir. The aroma of red meat or lamb creates mouthwatering curry. The usage of bay leaves, ginger and garlic with tomatoes and yoghurt makes scrumptious gravy.

Kashmiri cuisine has its specific way of cooking. Similarly, The use of alkanet root in Rogan josh made it more significant and aromatic. After Mughals interest in Kashmiri cuisine Rogan josh became more popular in Indian sub-continent.

side dishes to serve with the best rogan josh brick lane:

The best Indian restaurant brick lane has a great Indian menu. It offers variety of rice and Nan breads that you can pair up with your gravies.

best coconut fried rice:

The best coconut fried rice can be the great accompaniment to the Rogan josh. So, when ever you visit City Spice London don’t forget to try their coconut fried rice.

plain nan:

Indian flat breads or plain nan can enhance he flavor of any best Indian curry. If you are trying the best Indian vegan food then your curries are incomplete without plain nan. Similarly, plain nan definitely enhances the taste of Rogan josh.

mixed vegetable salad:

From the sun dried items part of the award-winning menu fresh mixed salad is a must have with the Rogan josh.