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Best wild orange chicken in brick lane.

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Best wild orange chicken in brick lane

The best wild orange chicken in brick lane is the most flavour vegan curry in brick lane. Our best Indian curry house in London claims itself as the king of curry house in brick lane. Undoubtedly, the best orange chicken is a heavenly feast for Indian vegan food lovers. The delicasy of orange zest and flavor of some spices are the epitome of Indian cuisine.

The best Indian restaurant in brick lane is is serving wild orange chicken as a best Indian vegan curry in brick lane. The tender pieces of chicken marinated in orange sauce. The aromatic oranges oranges are imported from Bengal. The makes scrumptious and zesty curry.

History of orange sauce:

Hawaii is where it all began. On a business trip in 1987, executive chef Andy Kao created orange chicken. In order to build the first Panda Express restaurant in the state. So, Kao made the decision to cover an American classic, fried chicken, with a tangy, sweet, and spicy sauce because those flavours are typical of Yang Zhou, a Chinese city. Similarly, Kao was inspired by the citrus on the island and the locals’ love of meat dishes.

Orange chicken is a dish most frequently served at Chinese restaurants in North America. It consists of pieces of chicken that have been chopped, battered, and fried and then covered in a sweet orange-flavored chilli sauce that thickens or caramelises into a glaze. Despite being extremely popular in the US. So, the dish is more frequently found in North America as a General Tso’s chicken variant than as the dish seen in mainland China.

Side dishes to serve with the best wild orange chicken in brick lane:

There should be no hassle in ordering your favourite combos when there is a vast menu to choose from. So, you can have any vegan rice, starter or flat bread and enjoy your heartiest best Indian vegan food at the best Indian curry house on brick lane.

Mushroom rice:

The best mushroom rice in brick lane is the best accompaniment of this vegan curry.


The best chapati in brick lane is a must have with the best orange chicken.

Vegetable pepper:

The best vegetable pepper in brick lane is a good starter to make your meal a feast. So, don’t wait and choose the right Indian curry house house that is none other city spice London.