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best chicken/lamb shashlik brick lane.

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best chicken/lamb shashlik brick lane

The best chicken/lamb shashlik brick lane is the tandoori clay oven dish of City Spice London. The best Indian curry house brick lane always tries to satisfy its customers. So, When we are talking about the best Curry house brick lane, We should know that there must be no compromise in the taste and aroma.

The best curry house brick lane creates the most authentic recipes that can never go wrong. The best marinade consists of yogurt and different spices and then are rest for some time. After the marination lamb/chicken are then skewed on the skewers along with some vegetables. Onion, capsicum, and tomatoes are skewed with lamb/chicken. The very next step is to put the skewers in the clay oven. So, Then the chicken/lamb shashlik comes out in its best form.

history of chicken/lamb shashlik:

According to history shashlik is a Russian dish. Mainly it is a boneless meat of lamb or goat. With the passage of time and with the regional change variations turned into chicken meat.

Other than this there came a new variation shashlik curry. it is an Indo-Chinese dish as similar to chicken Manchurian. What makes it different are the vegetables hat are onion, tomatoes and bell papers. The very first and the most authentic Shashlik was the one on skewers others are the variations.

side dishes to serve with the best lamb/chicken shashlik brick lane:

So, As we all know that the chicken/lamb shashlik is a tandoori dish of the best Indian curry house brick lane. It means we can have a lot as an accompaniment to the shashlik.

best egg fried rice:

The best egg fried rice can never go wrong with the lamb/chicken shashlik.

plain nan or flat bread:

Plain nan or flat bread are also very suitable combo for the lamb/chicken shashlik.

best chili and cheese nan:

Make your own combo and lets pair it up with the best chili and cheese nan brick lane. Mouth watering treat for the spice lovers.

You can complete your meal by adding any best Indian curry from the menu of the best Indian restaurant London.