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One more best Indian vegan food is the best brinjal bhaji brick lane. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane is serving an award-winning menu. This menu contains the first-ever best Indian vegan food in London. The best brinjal bhaji brick lane is eggplant curry or began bhorta. This is a very famous vegan Indian curry. So, The expert chefs of the best Indian curry house in brick lane cook very passionately. The brinjal bhaji is a popular dish among Londoners. City Spice Expertise is that they present every vegan dish with great affection not to degrade it as a vegetable. The brinjal is the most loved bhaji and it has so many variant curries. history of brinjal bhaji: Brinjals are surely an Indian vegetable. It was one of the most loved vegetable in Indian sub-continent. As, It was easy to farm and similarly, very easy to cook vegetable. Indians created good variation

The best Tarka dal brick lane is the very next dish on the menu of the City Spice London. The best Indian curry house brick lane brings forward the vegan menu to fulfill the desires of vegan lovers. Tarka dal or dal makhnee is a significant Indian food as It is the very popular best Indian vegan food. Very famous best dal makhnee brick lane is also very popular among Londoners. The best Indian restaurant brick lane serves delicious lentils. They have introduced the first ever best vegan menu on brick lane. They have received many awards for their different menu. City Spice London always prefer customers and their demands. The expert chefs of the best Indian curry house brick lane then, do their magic on the food. The creates aromatic and creamy textured tarka dal that converts their meal into a feast. history of tarka dal: Tarka dal is the most ancient