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The best vegetable pepper in brick lane is the super delicious non-veg starter. Most demanding menus have no shortage of the best Indian curries and starters. So, whenever you are visiting London you must rush to the best Indian restaurant in brick lane City Spice London. The best Indian restaurant in brick lane is serving it's best Indian vegan food in brick lane. The have the best menu in brick lane. There Grilled pepper contains a succulently spiced vegetable with mild herbs and spices throughout. This is undoubtedly the mouthwatering treat for any vegan lover. History of vegetable pepper: In 1493, peppers were brought to Spain; by 1548, they had reached England and by 1585 or earlier, they had reached Central Europe. They were transported by the Portuguese in the 17th century to India and Southeast Asia. Despite the fact that all peppers are routinely referred to as "chillies" in India, their American origin was long forgotten