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Best Duck Tikka Brick lane.

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Best Duck Tikka Brick lane

The best award-winning recipe of the best Indian curry house Brick lane is Duck tikka. City spice London serves the best duck tikka Brick lane in its traditional style. It depends on the customer’s demand what he would like with the best duck tikka Brick lane whether it is Nan or any Indian rice comb.

City spice London has a very nice atmosphere. Its expert chefs cook every dish with a moderate blend of spices. The king of brick lane serves a few duck dishes including duck tikka, duck tikka masala, duck tikka bhuna, duck tikka jalfrezi, garlic chili duck.

City spice cooks duck with a special blend of yogurt sauce and spices. Duck tikka marinade gives a special aromatic taste to boneless pieces of duck. City spice proves that it is the best Indian restaurant brick lane. The best curry house brick lane serves award-winning duck tikka with onions and fresh salad to delight its customers.

Most authentic recipes for duck tikka:

I have gone through many recipes and concluded the duck tikka recipe consists of salt, red chili Greek yogurt, malt vinegar, ginger, garlic paste. While BBC food includes cumin seeds, turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon also. It can be very much similar to chicken tikka marinade in my opinion. City spice London has its own special and unique recipe.

Side dishes to serve with duck tikka:

Again a question comes to mind, what goes best with the duck tikka?

Some recipes go very well according to researchers and food lovers other than different sauces and salads.

City spice side dishes for duck tikka:

While talking about the best curry house brick lane. We must check out the side dishes that the award-winning restaurant is offering with its mains.

Bombay aloo:

Bombay aloo Brick lane is potatoes cooked in dry spices, can be the best side dish to the best duck tikka brick lane.

Best Indian Palong sag (spinach):

The best Indian restaurant brick lane city spice is offering palong sag as its side dish, which is spinach cooked with coriander and fresh garlic. City spice serves best vegan curry brick lane and it can be a good combination.

Best Indian plain basmati rice:

The king of Brick lane is also offering the best Indian plain basmati rice. Basmati rice is the special quality of rice and is considered as the best Indian rice among other qualities. The award-winning menu has this rice on top of the list and can be a good combo of duck tikka alongside palong sag.

City spice London has the best award-winning menu that includes side dishes to make the best combination to the main course.