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best chicken/lamb Balti brick lane.

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best chicken/lamb Balti brick lane

The best chicken/lamb Balti brick lane is another Balti dish from the menu. One and only best Indian curry house brick lane is serving some Balti dishes. The Chicken/ lamb Balti is popular among them. So, This is considered the best Indian curry brick lane as it is different in taste and has a special quality of its regional taste.

The satisfaction of customers is the priority of the best Indian restaurant on brick lane. City Spice is trying to present mouthwatering curries with eye-catching garnishing and great taste. That’s why its menu is based on the best Indian food in London. Similarly, The chicken/ lamb Balti is a traditional Kashmiri dish cooked in a special regional woke with tomato-based curry. So, City Spice Balti curry is the finest thick gravy with some aromatic and special spices by the chefs to create scrumptious curry.

history of chicken/lamb Balti:

Balti is probably a Kashmiri dish. As for the name, Balti is the Kashmiri language and its name originated from the Kashmir. It is also a common perception that it may be from the Baltistan region of Pakistan. However, It is the most popular dish in U.K as well. It is considered as one of the best Indian curries in London.

In 1973 chicken/lamb Balti was introduced. So, After that many restaurants all over the U.K became popular for Balti dishes. The best Indian curry house is on top of the list. It introduced a good variation in Balti dishes that is best king prawn Balti, Best chicken/lamb tikka Balti. Balti dishes are mainly cooked with the in house spices few Balti spices are also a part of the curry.

side dishes to go with the best chicken/lamb balti brick lane:

There is good variety of the vegan and non vegan starters on the award-winning menu. You can add any starter or main course dish to accompany your meal. Undoubtedly, City Spice London specializes in the best vegan food brick lane. So, we can add some best Indian vegan curry.

plain nan:

plain nan is a great combo for any best Indian curry. One can choose paratha or any other nan bread like cheese nan according to their taste.


The best tarka dal from the vegetarian menu can make a good combo with the chicken/lamb Balti.

plain rice:

If you are taking tarka dal with Balti curry then rice are a good choice. pure basmati plain rice can never go wrong with the desi feast like this.