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The Art of Raita at city spice London is your Cooling Companion at City Spice London. As, Everyone is longing for a cool getaway from the extreme London heat. The art of raita is a more savoury and engaging answer than a cold beverage, which may be the first thing that springs to mind. City Spice London, hailed as Brick Lane's best Indian restaurant, serves some of the most genuine Indian cuisine in London. This deceptively straightforward meal made with yoghurt is a mainstay of Indian cooking, especially in the hot summer months. Raita is not an afterthought; rather, it is essential for balancing the heat of spicy curries and producing a mouthwatering symphony of flavours and textures. The Science of Coolness: How Raita Beats the Heat However, raita is more than just a side dish for curries. This tasty side dish has natural cooling qualities that make it an ideal partner