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City Spice featured in Mirror UK.

//City Spice featured in Mirror UK
City Spice just got featured in UK’s top magazine as a best Indian Curries in Brick lane. “MIRROR”
City Spice offered many challenges as a best Indian curries in London to its valuable customers to bring more excitement and vibes.One of such challenge for its customers that if the dinner finishes its challenging dish then they‘ll charity the amount of payment because their aim was to do something for the local needy people.Daniel Laden- Hall:Dan hall is a feature writer at the Sunday Mirror (UK’s top news agency). He is keen of experiencing world’s spiciest revengeful dishes from all over the UK. For this purpose he heads over to City Spice London to accept their one such challenge, he then shared his experience and the quality of best Indian curries at City Spice in the Mirror.

City Spice Featured in Mirror:

The challenging dish named “bhuna from hell” was extremely spicy that contains unbelievably hot and spicy ingredients that include world record holder Carolina reaper chili which clocks in at a shudder some 1.6 million SHU. The pepper spray police which is about 2 million SHU.

Reez Haque the manager of the restaurant stood alongside the table of Dan Hall (the writer of the article) with the fire extinguisher. Chef Shamsul Islam claimed that they didn’t put the spices directly into the Indian curry but blended them to juice out so that the taste of other ingredients remain the same.

Dan further explained that his first mouthful was not that spicy but when he continued eating his mouth become furnace but at the end, he stated that he really enjoyed the meal which depicts that city spice still maintained its status of THE KING OF BRICK LANE because to manage such a hot and spicy dish with flavors is really a remarkable deal.

London has many fantastic curry houses all over the city but if you are talking about Brick lane then believe me residents of London never compromise over their taste and know where they can find authenticated taste of best Indian curries and they always choose city spice London.

The independent, London evening standard, and Metro all highly recommend the city spice for its delicious food and excellent services in fact Metro states,” if you want the best Indian curries in London then you need to head to this brick lane curry house”.

City spice The award winning restaurant:

City spice is a several time award winning restaurant. It is listed on the cobra good curry guide, Trip advisers excellence award , 2016 BCA best restaurant and 2016 curry life best restaurant London are its top achievements. It has also won the Bangladeshi caters award and the master chef awards 2015, 2017 and many others.